Shunde plastic industry fell into downturn again

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Shunde plastic market fell into a downturn again

last week, Shunde, Guangdong promised to provide lifelong consulting services and equipment maintenance services for customers. The plastic market stabilized slightly after the decline, and some products also rose, but the good times did not last long. On Monday, plastic market prices fell again. The market atmosphere is cold, there is not much trading, the price fluctuates greatly, and the scope of reduction is uncertain. Compared with the same period last week, the specific situation is as follows: in terms of hard rubber, ABS fell sharply after rising slightly last week: gpp22 in South Korea was 1045 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton. Taiwan Qimei 757 is now 10600 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton. Jihua 0215a was 10300 yuan/ton, down 250 yuan/ton. Ningbo Yongxing 121h was 10300 yuan/ton, down a full 300 yuan/ton. It can be seen that the trend of ABS has begun to decline again

lldpe series: Singapore 1002 is now 6850 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton, Maoming 7042 is 6650 yuan, down 200 yuan/ton. Kuwait 7050 is now 6900 yuan, down 100 yuan. The overall market of LLDPE has shown a downward trend

ldpe series also changed a lot. Malaysia 260gg is now 7500 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton, and Thailand jj4324 is now 7550 yuan/ton, down 250 yuan/ton. Formosa Plastics 9001 is 6900 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan. It can be seen that the reduction range of LDPE series varies

in addition, PP series: Saudi 943 is now 8050 yuan/ton, down nearly 200 yuan. The recent expansion of production capacity further ensures the global supply of all brand products/ton. Thailand's 1126 is now 7800 yuan/ton, with a considerable reduction of 400 yuan/ton. India 100ey is 7750 yuan/ton, and the software of Jinan experimental machine factory has been expanded unprecedentedly, down 250 yuan/ton. India's 1100ma is now 7700 yuan/ton, down nearly 300 yuan/ton. It can be seen that the overall market price of PP series has decreased significantly

it is understood that Shunde plastic city has a small inventory recently. When the price rose slightly last week, the merchants have delivered a large number of goods. Some merchants revealed that the reason for this decline is that in addition to the reduction of international prices, banks have made quarterly loans to some dealers. Now it is the end of the first quarter, and the loan period is coming, and dealers must repay the loan on schedule. Therefore, although the price was lower than that in the early days last week, the dealers are willing to ship a large number of goods. At present, the inventory pressure has been significantly reduced. In the face of another decline in prices, businesses are reluctant to ship goods easily due to their limited inventory and high purchase prices, and have inquired about each other's product prices. People familiar with the plastic market believe that the plastic market has ups and downs every quarter, and most businesses hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the future

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