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Zhongshan horn protector manufacturer - ShuoLong plastic technology

Zhongshan horn protector manufacturer - ShuoLong plastic technology

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Zhongshan horn protector manufacturer - ShuoLong plastic technology today to tell you what is the Yin and Yang horn protector line. First of all, let's understand what is the internal and external corners of the wall. Generally speaking, internal and external corners exist in every corner of the house. The protruding corner of the wall is the external corner, on the contrary, the recessed corner of the wall is the internal corner. In home decoration, the internal and external corners of the wall still have a great impact on home decoration. If the error of the internal and external corners of the wall is large, when we place some cabinets, sofas and other furniture, it will cause unsmooth placement, It's a waste of space, but if you only do the experiment of this material, the price of the computer-controlled model is high and a little waste of cost

effect drawing of house decoration - stainless steel angle guard wire. The angle guard wire of stainless steel is divided into brushed stainless steel and mirror stainless steel. Generally, the older generation prefer this material because it is very firm, has strong impact resistance, and is simple and convenient to install, but the angle guard wire of this material will be slightly more expensive in price

construction precautions: before pasting the corner strip, the protruding mortar on the corner needs to be removed, and the obvious depression needs to be repaired first; If there is loose putty on the corner, it must be completely removed. Due to the experimental force and displacement, the high-precision load sensor and displacement sensor are used, and then the corner protector is pasted; When pasting, the corner protector must be kept clean, free of dust and oil stain; Zhongshan corner strip corner strip needs to be dried for 4 ~ 6 hours after construction, and then the post putty can be applied; When the corner protector is bent and deformed, it is necessary to remove the deformed part or replace it with a complete product without deformation to avoid the situation that the corner is not straight

corner strip advantages it can not only protect the wall, but also decorate the space with high-quality corner strip design, making the home more beautiful and classy. When moving large electrical appliances and furniture, it is easy to bump against the corner, whether it is the corner or the furniture, there will always be damage on one side. The corner strip manufacturer - ShuoLong plastic technology installs the corner strip, which can enhance the resistance of the corner and protect the corner from damage. Exquisite corner strips can improve the beauty and overall quality of the space, making the space more beautiful, fashionable and classy. It can not only protect the wall, but also decorate the space with high-quality corner strip design, making the home more beautiful and classy

installation method of corner strip: the construction building can be operated with a level ruler at a place less than two meters above the ground. If it is more than two meters above the ground, it needs to hang lines. It is forbidden to carry out construction in rainy days. In vitro and in vivo experiments show that the particle has good blood-brain barrier penetration ability and targeting effect on intracranial tumor cells. After the finished wall is filled with powder mm cement mortar, press the hanging line from top to bottom to fix the corner strip on the wall. It is required to compact the wall to make the cement slurry gush out of the hole. The next process of ShuoLong plastic technology, the manufacturer of corner strip, can be carried out after less than 12 hours. It is necessary to prevent the collision, displacement or deformation caused by the non solidification of mortar. When pasting the corner strip, it needs to be operated by a specially assigned person. The installation mode of the corner strip is required to be vertical, the mortar is full, and the vertical error is controlled within 2mm. It must be carefully operated to meet the requirements, and the length can be cut at will. The installation of corner strips can be carried out in sections, and the mortar shall be plastered uniformly. The construction shall be carried out from top to bottom

if we don't use the external corner line, we generally need to grind the edge of the ceramic tile. Grinding the edge is not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also a very delicate work, which requires relatively high technical level of workers, so using the external corner line is very time-saving and labor-saving. Zhongshan corner strip if we are laying wall tiles, the quality of the selected wall tiles is relatively poor, and there is no external corner line, so when grinding the edge, it may produce the phenomenon of edge explosion. When using polished tiles, there will be a small gap at the joint of tiles. After a period of time, dust and other dirt will accumulate in the gap, so it is very inconvenient to clean it up

at present, PVC, which is commonly used internationally, is known as the phenomenon of yielding corner protector. It is made of high-strength PVC raw materials, which is environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant. Impact resistance, aging resistance, good weather resistance. The angle bead has excellent mechanical and mechanical properties. Its popularization and use can effectively solve the common quality problems in building construction, such as the internal and external corners are not straight, unsightly, and the wall corners are easy to be bad. Zhongshan ShuoLong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is here to share with you. I hope it can help you

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