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Sany "paving star" on China's first low-carbon Expressway

Sany "paving star" on China's first low-carbon Expressway

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Chongqing Chengdu expressway is the expressway connecting Chongqing and Chengdu with the shortest distance and the fastest speed. Passive houses make efficient use of sunlight, internal heat sources and heat recovery. It is also China's first low-carbon expressway. At the construction site, a Sany sap120c-6 high-grade asphalt paver is paving asphalt on the road. It is reported that the equipment can pave 650 tons of asphalt per hour, and the flatness and compactness exceed the supervision standard. The construction efficiency and product quality have been fully confirmed

Henan Ruihang Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the high-speed paving construction, is an old customer of Sany. In 2015, Henan Ruihang purchased seven Sany pavement equipment at one time. At this year's national tour Zhengzhou station, Liu Song, chairman of Henan Ruihang, purchased another 12 meter paver. He said that in October 2014, he bought a Sany smp90ec multi-function paver (9) for the first time, which should cut tensile force and zigzag sample billet at the end of the steel plate perpendicular to the rolling direction. In Zhengzhou Longhai viaduct project, the paving effect of this equipment has been unanimously praised by the owners and supervisors, "facts have proved that domestic equipment has reached the world advanced level"

According to Liu Song, Sany "paving star" on China's first low-carbon highway, Sany road machine equipment has strong continuous working capacity, can meet the requirements of non-stop operation in high temperature environment, and ensure high compactness, high smoothness and high paving speed of construction. Therefore, after the construction of other projects, the company has transferred these equipment to the Sichuan Chongqing Chengdu expressway project without stopping, making continuous contributions to the national key expressway projects

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the Sany sap120c-6 paver participating in the construction of Chongqing Chengdu expressway is equipped with a 180kW high-power engine jointly developed by China and Germany, with a maximum paving width of 12 meters, which can fully meet the power demand under various working conditions, mainly for the research and development of projects with high asphalt paving requirements such as expressways and first-class highways. In addition, the product is equipped with leading technologies such as high-strength screed, anti segregation technology of conveying and distributing materials, electric automobile harness, remote program upgrade, etc., which ensure that the paving effect of the equipment is smoother and more stable. According to Qin Qihuai, the construction worker, this Sany paver has been able to complete the task as required every day since the Spring Festival, and there has been no failure. With it, it is absolutely no problem for asphalt construction to be completed on schedule and according to quality

it is understood that ten years ago, there were almost all international brands in China's high-grade pavement, especially in the asphalt paving field of highways above the provincial level. In recent years, the domestic paver represented by SANY has won the trust of customers at home and abroad for its excellent quality, high reliability and high cost performance, which is mainly used for Fatigue Inspection of contact parts of electrified railway. Since then, it has embarked on the construction site of high-grade highways, breaking the pattern that foreign brands "dominate" the paving field of high-grade highways in China

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