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Sany pump truck assembly team: a gold wrench for screwing 240000 screws a year

Sany pump truck assembly team: a gold wrench that screws 240000 screws a year

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well deserved gold wrench! Sany pump truck assembly team

Sany pump truck

the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the production tasks in the workshop are becoming more and more tense! At the morning meeting on Wednesday, sunshine kicked off the work that can effectively solve the energy day. Pu Mingjun, the monitor, stood in front of the pump truck assembly team and began to arrange the work of the whole team for the day. Since July, with the increase of orders, Sany pump truck production has gradually entered the peak season

what the pumping assembly team does is the "closing" work

as the saying goes, "the basket making and basket making are all in the closing". What the pumping assembly team does is the "closing" work. Their daily task is to build and install the bridge between the various systems of the pump truck, and fix and assemble the scattered knot components with screws into a perfectly functioning machine. Their work is the last important process of pump truck manufacturing, which puts forward extremely stringent requirements for workers' heart, patience and technical proficiency

work site

a pump truck, from the beginning of assembly to the end of the whole vehicle, needs to go through 16 processes before and after, installing more than 2600 parts. At the busiest time, an assembly fitter needs to screw in more than 600 screws a day. According to this workload estimation, an assembly fitter has to screw more than 20000 screws every month, which has reached a staggering 240000 in a year. "However, as long as there is a problem in one part, the whole pump truck cannot operate normally, and the accuracy requirements are particularly high, so don't be careless." Pu Mingjun felt deeply about this

monitor Pu Mingjun has been in Sany for nine years.

monitor Pu Mingjun has been in Sany for nine years. In his opinion, to produce the best pump truck in the world, we must ensure that the quality of each product is 100% excellent. If we repeat hundreds of times without problems, it's nothing. If we repeat 100000 times, or even hundreds of thousands of times without mistakes, we are really excellent assembly workers. Under his leadership, the pump truck assembly team paid close attention to the production tasks. At the same time, they concentrated on refining their working skills day after day, focusing on the "mentoring" of innovation and skills, and building every employee of the team into a "versatile person". In his words, as long as we are given time, anyone in the team can assemble the pump truck independently

intelligent chemical plant

18 plant is the largest intelligent chemical plant in Asia, and the world's most advanced pump truck equipment comes from here. Since the beginning of this year, with the recovery of the industry, the market sales of Sany pump truck has increased rapidly, of which the single month sales in March increased by 600% year-on-year. The pump truck assembly team has also faced the challenge of high-intensity production. In order to ensure that all orders can be delivered in time, it is common for the workers of the pump truck assembly team to work overtime until 9 or 10 o'clock in the evening

work hard

as the pump car production line is highly flexible production, there are dozens of product models including 37 meters, 49 meters, 56 meters, 66 meters, 86 meters, etc., and they also need to meet various customized needs of customers. This requires workers to master the standardized operation of each product, keep in mind the correct installation method of each nut, each rubber hose, and each valve block, and be clear about the pump car manufacturing process, Use the fastest speed to ensure the smooth offline of each pump truck

installing the boom

Xu lianghao, who joined the team the year before last, is installing the boom. Meticulousness is his working principle. He will not be distracted by anything when he works hard. Li Feng, who joined the company in 2008 and concurrently served as the safety officer of the pump truck assembly team, carefully inspected the parts to be assembled, strictly controlled the quality and assembly process of any parts, and constantly improved the quality has always been his insistence

youth is the biggest feature of the pump truck assembly team

youth is the biggest feature of the pump truck assembly team. At present, the staffing of the whole team is 36, with an average age of 28. The youngest of them is 22 years old and just graduated from university. Although the overall age is small, nearly half of the workers in the class have worked here for more than five years and have rich work experience. Young, represents vitality and strong learning ability. Under the leadership of monitor Pu Mingjun and other technical backbones, all the workers in the pump truck assembly class were awarded intermediate titles, of which 19 were awarded senior titles. In the No. 18 factory building where the sample was broken within 10mm from the clamping gap during the test process, they are both young and stable, and have become the new force of technical workers and the leader of industry innovation

Feng Junxiang has just turned 28 this year

Feng Junxiang has just turned 28 this year. Although he is not very old, he is an out and out Trinity "old man". Since he joined the company for eight years, Feng Junxiang has brought out eight apprentices. There are many "post-80s" technical backbones such as fengjunxiang in the pump truck assembly class. They have become the backbone of technical training and inheritance of "lean manufacturing". After the morning meeting every day, the old employees will gather the newcomers together to answer questions and solve doubts for the newcomers in their work. This system of "teachers leading apprentices" has promoted the growth of young workers and accelerated the development of enterprises

salute the excellent Sany pump truck assembly class

for individuals in the enterprise, if they want to succeed, they must take the spirit of craftsman as the premise, constantly strengthen their technical skills, enrich their business skills, and grow together with the enterprise whose focus is to stack 5 (1) 00 layers of graphene. In Pu Mingjun's team, there are a group of young people who uphold their own "craftsman spirit" and constantly carve their own "products" with their own excellent professional technology. They treat their products, pursue perfection and perfection, and spare no time and energy. Even if they repeat thousands of times every day, they should also be deeply "nailed" by the pump truck. In them, we can really experience what the screw spirit is - only by investing our real enthusiasm and constantly improving the quality of products and services, can we highlight the connotation and true meaning of the six words "quality changes the world, and some lubricants do not burn under extremely high load!"

salute the excellent Sany pump truck assembly class! (this article is from Sany)

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