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Sany participated in the world's largest oil exhibition

big data + intelligent equipment to create a "Chinese business card" for the oil equipment industry

on March 20, the three-day 17th China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Beijing cippe Petroleum Exhibition) kicked off at the New International Exhibition Center. Sany petroleum, standing at a new starting point, participated in the exhibition with the theme of "world quality and smart world", and brought its five products to show its brand image of safety, intelligence and environmental protection to customers all over the world

in the exhibition, the artisan quality drilling "robot" team created by SANY oil made an appearance. The group recruits "tree root Internet" presented a big data sharing feast, and the pattern combination of "iron and steel coffee + cloud Internet" made all participating audiences shout that it was a worthwhile trip. Yuan Jinhua, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany petroleum intelligent equipment, attended the exhibition. He said that Sany will vigorously promote the construction of digital oil fields in combination with IOT technology

ingenuity creates a benchmark and smart equipment leads the trend

as the industry enters the new normal, Sany petroleum dares to be the first, breaks the habitual thinking, and responds quickly based on user pain points. In this cippe oil exhibition in Beijing, Sany oil will appear with a number of intelligent new products

the "3000 meter drilling high altitude intelligent pipe laying manipulator" independently developed by SANY petroleum is a highlight of this exhibition. This product adopts advanced servo motor control technology, which can realize the functions of one key recent operation, multi-dimensional real-time monitoring, multiple interlocking, fault self diagnosis and analysis, and can completely replace the derrickman and realize the unmanned racking platform, which not only effectively reduces the labor intensity, but also greatly improves the safety performance of the product

the industry's first "mobile drill floor pipe supporting manipulator" also attracted the attention of the audience. This product has the patented technology of automatic translation and the function of intelligent location. It has more accurate and reliable operation, higher pipe supporting efficiency, and convenient moving and installation, which can support and discharge the pipe string on the drill floor

in addition, Sany petroleum has also brought sophisticated hydraulic fracturing truck models, well-known minor wellhead repair robots, sywdb drilling fluid non landing system sand tables, as well as exquisite high-pressure manifold components, fracturing pumps and other accessories. At present, with significant economic and social benefits, these equipment are gradually being promoted and used in major oilfields across the country

embrace interconnection and build digital oil fields

at this exhibition, Sany petroleum also invited "little partner" tree root interconnection to help, and showed the combination of "big data + intelligent equipment" of Sany on site. Founded by the Sany IOT team, Shugen Internet is an independent and open third-party Internet high-tech enterprise. Based on the root cloud platform released by tree root Internet, Sany oil can provide customers with accurate big data analysis, prediction, operation support, business model and other innovative services

in recent years, Sany petroleum has actively embraced interconnection, integrated the advantages of Taihe industrial can bus technology at the product development end, developed intelligent anti-collision, anti sticking and anti slip systems, and achieved integrated control with the existing driller's room. The equipment works together to provide multiple safety protection for the equipment

yuan Jinhua, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany petroleum intelligent equipment, said that Sany is committed to the construction of digital oil fields, which is not only an inevitable choice for the oil field to adapt to the changes in the external environment and participate in international market competition, but also an effective means for the oil field to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Based on the advantages of large platforms, Sany petroleum equipment will gradually complete the upgrading of "embedding GCP, connecting ECC and sharing data" in the future, and help the construction of digital oil fields

keep up with the trend of the times and make efforts to "the Belt and Road"

in recent years, as the strategic unit of the group's "five little dragons go to sea", the company has actively deployed overseas markets. At the exhibition site, Sany petroleum is used for high precision; The latter is cheap and has attracted the attention of many international audiences

as the international oil price is getting warmer and warmer, Sany oil is rapidly expanding its overseas market by strengthening its strategic cooperation with global oil service enterprises with the help of the group's mature overseas sales channels. In 2014, Sany fracturing truck was successfully exported to Iraq. In 2016, Sany petroleum received the largest overseas order, and the complete fracturing unit was exported to Venezuela. From December 19 to 21 of the same year, Sany chairman Liang Wengen, Sany group president Tang Xiuguo and other company executives paid a three-day inspection visit to Indonesia. The two sides are expected to deepen cooperation in five major areas: fossil energy, clean energy, equipment manufacturing, offshore infrastructure and land infrastructure. We must also pay attention to various details such as operation, protection and maintenance

in the next decade, Sany petroleum will also comprehensively enrich the product series and build the industry's first electro-hydraulic servo dynamic fatigue testing machine. Under this background, with the development of electro-hydraulic servo technology, the brand will develop, give play to the role of "high-end, difficult, high-tech density" petroleum equipment in safeguarding national energy security, and create a "Chinese business card" of the petroleum equipment industry

yuan Jinhua, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany petroleum intelligent equipment, carefully inquired about the product situation

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