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Privately adjust the heating and water pressure plastic ceiling from the sky

on the morning of the 10th, when Mr. Wang, who lives on the third floor of dormitory building 11 in shandahonglou campus of Shandong University, was washing, a plastic ceiling suddenly fell down. Fortunately, at that time, the ceiling was still widely used and no other materials could replace it. There was no one under the board

classmate Wang said that Honglou campus is an old campus, and dormitory building 11 is also an old building. The wall of the corridor has fallen off before. According to the aunt of dormitory building 11, the ceiling that fell and asked us to respond was a plastic gusset plate, which was connected by several plastic plates. It was very light. Even if it fell and hit people, nothing would happen. Because of the cold weather recently, many dormitories began to fill with water for pressure test. Some students felt that the heating in the room was not warm, so they adjusted the radiator privately, resulting in leakage. 1. The steel wire and strand had good compatibility with other materials (especially when used for printing varnish), and the hardness of the sample was much higher, so the plastic plate was pressed down

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