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Priority development fields and research priorities of China's plastic products industry

research and development of multifunctional agricultural film, controllable degradable film, plastic products for aquaculture and animal husbandry, and focus on the research and development of controllable functional greenhouse film. We will continue to research and develop new water-saving irrigation equipment and new Geomembranes for water conservancy projects. Carry out research on the pollution of agricultural film to the environment and soil

research and develop new heat-resistant pipes, composite pipes, profiles and structural foaming materials. Develop special fittings for large-diameter plastic drainage pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, special quick connect fittings for cross-linked polyethylene and polyethylene pipe series electrofusion fittings; By developing upv, the flexible joint technology of C plastic pipe with a wide range of hardness can be made

research and develop high permeability containers, packaging materials, multi-functional films, water-soluble films and degradable materials, mainly including: kink packaging film, shrink packaging film, winding packaging film, body fitting packaging film, inflatable packaging film, high permeability film, high heat resistance film, selective permeability film, fresh-keeping film, antibacterial film, etc; Research and develop high barrier packaging materials that improve the protection function of perishable food and dairy products and extend the shelf life of various items, special sterile packaging materials, high-temperature materials suitable for autoclave, electromagnetic cooker and microwave oven heating and sterilization, fresh-keeping packaging materials suitable for fruits and vegetables stored in air-conditioned environment, etc; Developing plastic beer bottles; Study the propylene foaming technology of fasteners such as brackets

Research on the processability of metallocene polymers; Develop new cars, household appliances, office machines, computers, communication equipment and plastic products for sports and fitness. Please clean them with a steel brush dipped in gasoline; Research and develop biodegradable medical materials, functional medical materials and other substitute materials for human organs; Using new nano technology and advanced manufacturing process, nano materials are used in the modification of polymers to improve their mechanical properties and thermal functions, giving plastic products a good performance, so that the EU's future emerging technology (FET) graphene flagship program issued the first bidding announcement and technology roadmap

source: Zhonghua plastics

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