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Private coatings are facing the severe test of life and death choice

private coatings are facing the severe test of life and death choice

on September 10, 2003

after the implementation of the new industry standard, a large number of private enterprises in the coating industry with uneven levels will face the choice of life and death. This is a message from the Third Guangzhou International Paint exhibition, which opened on August 31

in order to survive, coating enterprises must first lay four foundations, and some insiders believed that the foundation that private enterprises

lack most is the foundation: the first is the production foundation, the second is the material supply foundation, the third is the research and development foundation, and the fourth is the deep sales foundation. It is difficult to survive without these four foundations

"now private enterprises are still competing at the same level on the whole, but every huge wave of the coating industry will wash down some private coating enterprises." Zongze, the manager of Hualong coating group, who ranks among the top five in Shunde, said that after the implementation of the new standard, private enterprises are basically on the same starting line, and there is no big gap in the loading quality and quantity of the closed fatigue life experimental machines that share the mechanical achievements of the transmission belt. At present, the competition in the coating industry is extremely fierce. There are more than 300 coating plants in Shunde alone. The quality of these coating plants is uneven. How to seek development in the competition is that private enterprises must first face the new situation, which is a severe test for private coating enterprises. Some experts at the meeting called on private paint enterprises to constantly learn from the advanced technology and management experience of their peers, so as to avoid the high temperature that makes it difficult for plastics to decompose, scorch or shape and survive the impact of market waves. They especially don't emphasize strengthening the training of sales force, paying attention to the operation of terminal market, and using sales to drive production, which is the marketing strategy that private paint enterprises should learn from at present

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