The hottest Prius launched a new type of pressure

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Prieston introduced a new type of pressure sensor

this is because the reduction of engine size puts forward more harsh performance requirements for cooling system components

prieston sensing technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in electrical measurement products such as resistance strain gauge, pressure, weighing, force measurement, torque sensor, aircraft weighing system, portable weighing instrument, etc., and also engaged in highway overrun A diversified modern high-tech enterprise of overload detection equipment and other electronic products. Recently, the company launched a new pt214/pt214b pressure sensor

the sensor adopts flat film type, fully sealed stainless steel welding structure, small volume, high sensitivity, and zero full degree can be adjusted. At present, the product has successfully passed the EU CE certification

the specific technical parameters of the product are as follows:

range: 0 ~ "10KPA ~ 250Mpa. There are symmetrical and detailed wear marks under the microscope

accuracy: 1% FS, 0.5% FS, 0.25% FS, 0.1% FS

output signal: 0 ~ 10mV, 0 ~ 15MV, 0 ~ 20mV, 0 ~ 33.33mv,

0 ~ 100mV, 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA

supply voltage: +10vdc, +12 ~ 36VDC

temperature compensation: -20 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃

working medium temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃

zero drift: less than ± 0.05% FS/℃ molding shrinkage: pa.8 ⑵ 5%、PA66⑴. 5⑵. 2%;

range drift: less than ± 0.05% FS/℃

medium contact material: 316 stainless steel pressure type and corresponding range

shell material: 316 stainless steel

installation method: M20; G1/2; It can be installed with another interface

electrical connection: shielded cable (standard configuration length of 5 meters)

overload pressure: 1.5 times the full scale or 300mpa, whichever is smaller

insulation resistance: greater than 200 megohm, test voltage 50V DC

this sensor can be used in hydraulic, die casting, central air conditioning system, constant pressure water supply, locomotive braking system, light industry, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, air compressor and other automatic control systems

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