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Private customized Yunnan strategic customers prefer Lovol manufacturing

private customized Yunnan strategic customers prefer Lovol manufacturing

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recently, the departure ceremony of 8 Lovol fl958h customized by Lovol Yunnan strategic customers of Lovol construction machinery was held in the Qingdao plant. These huge "packages" will be loaded and shipped from Qingdao Lovol manufacturing base, and delivered to customers by 3000 kilometers day and night

Lovol fl958h loader

starts from customer needs and is loyal to customer satisfaction. Yunnan strategic customers with more than ten years of experience in equipment use and management can be called "experts" in construction units. They have strict requirements on product quality, fuel consumption, comfort, reliability and safety, and are naturally more picky in choice. We were also cautious about this choice. We selected experienced and skilled operation experts and management experts from the front-line use, equipment management and other departments in the company, and conducted door-to-door inspection and on-site evaluation of Lovol construction machinery products. We also inspected the distributors in the region, and scored them from the dimensions of manufacturing, R & D, sales and service. Finally, Lovol engineering machinery has won the trust of customers who want to carefully read the technical specifications with excellent product quality and wholehearted service concept, and won this order

winning is by no means a coincidence. It can also replace non-ferrous metals for precision structural parts of clocks, copiers, cameras, etc; Of course. Lovol has always attached importance to customer needs. The Lovol fl958h shipped this time are "private customized" products of strategic customers in Yunnan. It not only adopts ZF bridge box and pilot operation system, but also adds the automatic leveling function of bucket. In order to improve driving comfort, the cab is equipped with a heating and cooling air conditioning system. In addition to these "low-key luxury" that are not easy to detect from the appearance, there are many high-end configurations visible to the naked eye, such as electronic scales and printers, video monitoring systems in the front and rear of the fuselage and the cab, reversing radar and reversing image display systems, etc., which meet the personalized needs of customers for products

Lovol fl958h loader departure ceremony site

learned that Lovol engineering machinery has entered the trial production stage in the industry's cutting-edge technologies such as hydraulic system dual variable, fully automated transmission, intelligent production, IOT informatization, etc. Among the future products of Lovol engineering machinery, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent imaging, ID key, vehicle WiFi and other technologies will be realized one by one. These drivers have previously announced that the ordinary configuration of the cab will become an extension of the senses of the operator, achieving a higher degree of human-computer interaction. Not only that, with the continuous progress of electronic control and IOT technology, driverless driving will also come out of people's negative imagination of import and export at the beginning of the year. In the near future, Lovol loaders, which are more intelligent, reliable, efficient, safe and comfortable, will be available to create more value for users

in recent years, Lovol construction machinery has adhered to the mission of "science and technology create the future". Whether it is an intelligent production line or the latest generation of intelligent and energy-saving H-series loaders launched by integrating many advanced technologies, it has always maintained a high investment in research and development. It has set up overseas research and development centers in Japan and hired Japanese well-known experts who have worked in internationally renowned construction machinery enterprises for decades to jointly tackle key problems, The electric control and hydraulic module is at the forefront of the industry, and has been successfully applied to Lovol's new generation of excavators and loaders, significantly improving the reliability of products

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