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Private doctors released new products on the 29th: the first intelligent health management device

recently, private doctors released three countdown posters, from staying up late, eating unhealthy, self righteous concealment of love and concern between mother and daughter when far away from home, as if they were just expressing a common family situation in today's society

for the sake of life and family, they have been silently loving each other in a way that they think is good, so that their father often eats the leftovers of the day before yesterday and doesn't know, suffers from minor diseases and pains, cares about each other's health but has no way to know the true situation, etc., thinking that they love their closest people, but immediately shut down the first batch of 18 "zombie enterprises", ignoring that minor diseases without treatment will eventually lead to serious diseases

if you connect these three posters into a line, you will easily find that in addition to reminding everyone to use the right way, private doctors also raise some questions worth pondering and exploring, that is, how can daily health problems be solved through the joint efforts of industry technology, R & D personnel and high-standard distribution technology in other performances? How to solve it? Is there any equipment more convenient to solve it

if the guess is right, this new product launched by private doctors this time should be a product that can solve our daily health problems, and it may take advantage of the popular big data and AI Artificial Intelligence technology when we sleep on the hotbed of the policy, reconstruct the scene of healthy life, and provide services such as video asking for doctors, health data sharing in the circle of relatives and friends, intelligent reminders, etc. At the same time, it may also support communication, photography, video playback and other functions, and perfectly integrate mobile terminals with health management

if so, the private doctor will be the first intelligent product equipped with multi-functional health chips. In the future, its product operation will most likely turn to the combination of mobile technology and sensor technology, so that everyone's health data can serve their own and everyone's health. At the same time, the health of empty nesters and left behind children will also be greatly improved

now the countdown to the private doctor brand meeting has entered, and the mysterious veil of private doctors will also be lifted. What kind of product will it bring us on August 29, and whether it can provide a better solution for our daily life and health? Let's wait and see if it meets our expectations

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