Zinc oxide plays an incomparable role in the most

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Direct, indirect, active and nano zinc oxide plays an incomparable role in rubber.

the mixed loading defect rate of products will be reduced from 1% to 0.1%. Zinc oxide plays an auxiliary role in promoting vulcanization in rubber and can also be used as vulcanizing agent in neoprene. At present, the annual output value of new materials in Zhejiang Province is planned to exceed one trillion yuan in 2022. The zinc market is in chaos. Various proper terms of indirect, direct, active and nano zinc oxide make some rubber enterprises confused and unable to stand up, and often become famous. In addition, some unscrupulous traders carry out some adulteration, which is even more difficult to prevent. Therefore, it is necessary to popularize the origin of various zinc oxide types here and make progress together

indirect zinc oxide, direct zinc oxide and active zinc oxide are named for their different manufacturing processes

zinc oxide can be divided into dry process and wet process in terms of manufacturing methods

dry method is also called fire method, which is divided into indirect method and direct method

the direct method, also known as the American method, uses etherite (zinc containing ore) as raw material. Direct method has been basically eliminated in general rubber products because of its coarse particle size and high content of heavy metals

BANOVA reg; The light wood of the company can be made into a structure similar to the composite plate, which is also called the French method. The high-purity zinc ingot is used as the raw material, and after high-temperature heating, it leads to oxygen reaction to produce zinc oxide with high purity. However, it also depends on the quality of zinc ingots. For example, the best zinc ingot with the highest purity is 0

wet process is also called chemical method. At present, the sulfuric acid method is widely used to produce active zinc oxide, which makes it possible for the particle size of zinc oxide to reach the molecular level. Generally, the specific surface of wet process active zinc oxide is as high as 30~60 square meters per gram, which greatly promotes the utilization rate of zinc oxide in rubber formula

nano zinc oxide is obtained by calcination and decomposition of zinc carbonate at 400 ℃, and the particle size is between 1~100 nm. It can replace half of the amount of ordinary zinc oxide, and sometimes it can also be used as a reinforcing agent

a trick to distinguish zinc oxide is to ask whether the supplier has provided medical grade zinc oxide, because medical grade zinc oxide can only be produced by powerful manufacturers, and the content of impurity heavy metals is close to 0. If it is impossible to provide an explanation, its production scale is still small. Of course, this can not be generalized, but as a reference, there is a specific notice

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