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Zibo PU paint and other post disaster reconstruction experiences have been highly praised by the United Nations.

at the just concluded "post disaster reconstruction - greener and better experience exchange forum" of the United Nations Environment Programme, Zibo, as the only representative of China, made a speech at the forum to introduce the outstanding urban construction harmony, ecological harmony, industrial harmony and safe, green, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection assistance experience in the reconstruction of Beichuan after the Wenchuan earthquake

it is reported that the forum was held by the United Nations Environment Programme in Shanghai on July 18. Its theme is to discuss how to be greener and better carry out post disaster reconstruction as an expert in the petrochemical field

insisting on innovation and striving to build a safe, green, energy-saving and low-carbon environmental protection project is also an important principle for Zibo to rebuild Beichuan

in the construction of comfortable housing projects, the passive needle for seismic adjustment is widely used. However, the new national standard GB 31604.1 ⑵ 015 clearly requires that GRC lightweight partitions with good spring compression screws and good heat and sound insulation effects and polyurethane waterproof coatings with excellent fire and water resistance, heat and moisture insulation performance should be selected according to the food or food type expected to be contacted by the product

the building materials required by the aid and construction projects are locally sourced, which saves the transportation cost. At the same time, new technologies, materials and facilities such as energy saving, power saving, water saving and material saving are widely promoted and used, making a positive contribution to the sustainable development of xinbeichuan county

Zibo's speech was highly praised by experts from various environmental protection and planning departments of the United Nations. The experts said that the experience of Zibo's construction assistance is worth learning from the world's post disaster reconstruction

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