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New media messenger will appear at the China Mobile global partners conference with converged communications. As the most anticipated annual industrial event in the communications industry, the fourth China Mobile global partners conference 2016 will be held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall on December, 2016. With the theme of connecting with you and dreams, it will create a number of new Smart Life landscapes in 17000 square meters of venues. This time, China Mobile will work with more than 200 global partners to comprehensively interpret the big connect strategy for the first time, radiating all industries in the industry, and setting off a storm in the information industry from Guangzhou to the whole country. As one of the important partners of China Mobile, new media Chuanxin was also invited to attend the conference

at this exhibition, new media Messenger, with its star product urcs+ integrated communication overall solution, made a high-profile appearance and made a wonderful attack. New media communication booth is located in booth H4 of hall 6. China Mobile global partners conference is an exchange conference for partners in the global communication industry. New media communication will also be officially put into production in the first half of the exhibition to provide operators, terminals, enterprises and Internet users with more efficient and convenient integrated communication solutions

the product of this exhibition, converged communication, is an upgrade of traditional basic communication services by China Mobile in the era of high-speed 4G Mobile Internet. Relying on volte and RCS technology, it natively replaces the basic communication entry of three terminals, namely, call, message and address book, and upgrades to new call, new message and new contact. If the traditional voice communication and data communication are two separate highways, the integrated communication is a three-dimensional transportation system. All kinds of voice, data, Internet applications and other seamless integration, high-speed transmission, is a new generation of communication and it integration business

a few days before the conference, let's have a preview of the wonderful appearances of new media in this exhibition. Let's wait and see:

the operator Integrated Communication Solution of new media communication is an end-to-end integrated communication solution that adopts Ott architecture and conforms to RCS business standards, Integrate the interconnection concept on the platform side and the client side for innovation, help operators comprehensively improve the basic telecommunications service capabilities, and then enhance the value of operators in the field of mobile Internet, and open up new markets for interconnection

urcs+ connect terminals to create RCS terminal solutions with the best performance

Rongju RCS SDK, extended function SDK and RCS native terminals independently developed by Rongju world adopt pure software architecture, which can effectively help terminal manufacturers develop RCS native terminals, transplant multiple production lines for reuse at one time, and the passing rate of functional module test, normative test and interoperability test of core functions of China mobile interconnection company is up to 99%

urcs+ connect enterprises, all-round enterprise mobile collaborative office tool

keywork is a mobile collaborative office tool for enterprise users based on converged communication. It focuses on the office needs in mobile scenarios such as instant messaging, team communication and team collaboration, and helps users deal with business in fragmented time, so as to realize the integration of multi platform office, computer and web pages, help teams reduce communication costs, improve staff work efficiency, and help enterprises reduce management and operation costs

urcs+ Juxiang platform, gather massive resources and enjoy unlimited benefits

combined with the resource advantages of new media communications in the communication field of various industries for many years, Juxiang, an open platform for marketing capabilities carefully built for enterprises and app developers, combined with automatic impact testing machine, is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under normal temperature or low temperature dynamic load, which meets the needs of different scenarios, and provides customers with components of marketing capabilities through diversified combinations, And one-stop worry free marketing solutions to meet the various needs of enterprises in the marketing process, and help traditional enterprises enter the Internet + era

urcs+ even but not all experimental machines are suitable for the stretching experiment of flexible packaging materials to connect with finance, build the best integrated communication product series in the financial industry

new media communication is keen to capture the market demand, and the self-developed integrated communication financial industry solution has become the platform level product series with the highest market share in the domestic financial industry and the integrated communication field, helping financial institutions strengthen their external communication ability, Establish user interaction relationship, improve service effect, and create a new ecological chain of Internet finance integrated communication products and operation services

4g has brought about significant industrial development and changes in many industries. As a leading provider of integrated communication solutions in the industry, new media messenger will strive to become a world leading provider of integrated communication solutions with better technical capabilities, all-round operation system and perfect product solutions, work together with global partners to win-win results and create a new type of interconnection + ecological chain

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