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Hilton: new measures of digital strategy launched AI customer service cartoon image

in the post epidemic era, guests put forward new demands for the hotel service industry. (1) Fire resistant (anti fire) components online services and intelligent services have become a very popular way of communication for guests. Hilton's long-awaited intelligent customer service came into being. A month long cartoon competition of Xiao Xi, hosted by Hilton Greater China, was announced today. Chen Linzhi from Hilton Yilin hotel in Shiyan won the first place in the competition, and Li Ming from Waldorf hotel in Shanghai and Li Caiwei from Hilton Hotel in Chengdu won the second and third places respectively. This competition has received extensive attention and enthusiastic participation from both inside and outside the industry. About 60% of the submissions came from Hilton guests

Chen Linzhi, who won the first prize in the design award, is good at graphic design, likes to draw by hand, likes to think, and also likes to find wonderful moments in real life from the design of daily materials in the process of stretching. Knowing that she won the Xiaoxi image design award, Chen Linzhi said very excitedly: I hope to interpret Hilton's hospitality with a simple and lovely image; Hope that Xiao Xi, who loves life and travel, can cheer up and encourage all friends around him and help him become everyone's travel partner

Xiao Xi is Hilton's first AI customer service. As a fulfillment component, the lead screw and lead nut were born on February 19 this year, aiming to provide convenient and fast one-stop travel consulting professional services for Hilton honorary club members and all guests. Members and guests can consult Xiao Xi about hotel information, schedule, member points, membership and other travel related issues through Hilton Chinese app and other relevant platforms for 7 * 24 hours. Since its birth six months ago, Xiao Xi has replied to more than 50000 customer inquiries, with customer satisfaction as high as 94%, far exceeding the average satisfaction level of general AI customer service

talking about Xiao Xi's creativity and development process, Huang Jie, senior vice president of business development in Greater China and Mongolia of Hilton Group, said: as the first international hotel management group in China to launch AI customer service personnel, Hilton has always regarded digital innovation as one of our five strategies in China. Especially in the post epidemic era, tourists rely more on online services and authoritative information, and spend more time using online resources to choose tourism destinations and products, so as to better experience offline services; Consumers are more likely to have a sense of trust in the digital platform directly under the enterprise. For the hotel industry, how to flexibly use its own online platform to effectively communicate with consumers also puts forward higher requirements for the future hotel industry to continue to develop convenient and efficient online services

in line with the future development trend, digital and mobile innovation has always been the direction of Hilton to create excellent experience for guests. In order to win the favor of consumers, Hilton has made every effort to open up all channels so that guests can enjoy the hospitable excellent service of Hilton on the mobile terminal. For example, since 2017, Hilton's official customer service team has cooperated with major domestic social media platforms to provide customer service to provide a full range of customer experience services; For the guests at Ctrip, eLong, qunar and other travel stations, provide timely feedback on the comments of Dong Jinshi, vice president of the plastic recycling Professional Committee of China Plastics Association, who stayed at Hilton Hotel; In 2019, Hilton's official customer service entered the flagship store of the flying pig Hilton Group to provide more convenient and fast all-round personalized services from hotel product introduction, guest check-in communication, order problem assistance and customer experience feedback of Hilton Hotel

with the increasingly diversified needs of consumers, intelligent technology is the golden rule to win the tourism market today. Since its birth, Xiao Xi's intelligence level has improved at a geometric speed. In the future, in addition to dealing with core business problems, she will also develop intelligent chat ability, life assistant function, life entertainment interaction, personification emotion and other functions

Hilton intelligent service robot Xiaoxi cartoon image design competition was announced

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Hilton (nyse:hlt) is an internationally renowned hotel management company, which has 18 outstanding hotel brands, and directly manages, franchises, owns and leases more than 6200 hotels and more than 983000 rooms in 118 countries and regions around the world. Hilton has always been committed to the mission of becoming a hospitable representative of the global hotel industry, and has provided services to more than 3 billion guests in its 100 year development history. Hilton ranked first in the 2019 global best workplace selection of the Institute of workplace excellence; And won the honor of global industry leader in the 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In 2020, Hilton launched hiltoncleanstay, which implements industry-leading cleaning and disinfection standards in hotels around the world. Through the award-winning guest loyalty program Hilton honorary club, 108million members who book directly through Hilton's official channels can enjoy a value for money point exchange accommodation experience, as well as special privileges including electronic check-in and room selection, digital keys and smart rooms. Please visit newsroom for more details., You can also contact Hilton through Hilton official account, official Weibo, and the Chinese app of Hilton honorary guest club

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