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Analysis of the reasons why the vibrating screen cannot be used

reasons why the vibrating screen of coal testing equipment cannot be used

1. The voltage required by the vibrating screen is 380V three-phase power, please ensure that you use a three-phase power supply

2. The motor is damaged, and the motor needs to be replaced

3. The electrical components in the control line are damaged, and the electrical components need to be replaced in the 72 tension machines of several brands at home and abroad investigated

4. The voltage is insufficient, It can be solved by changing the power supply

5. The screen material of coal testing equipment can be developed and manufactured according to the needs of users. All kinds of special non-standard experimental machines are used constantly. There is too much material accumulation on the screen, and it is necessary to clean the screen material

6. If the vibrator has a fault, it can be eliminated by repairing the vibrator

7, which greatly improves the stability of the product. The lubricating grease in the vibrator thickens and agglomerates, and the vibrator needs to be cleaned, Update and add appropriate grease (end)

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