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The new maxibatch mixer can process up to 2725 kg of materials per hour, and can accurately mix powder, wood powder and other "difficult" bulk materials

this new mixer fills the gap between the original maxibatch and the standard mixer, and is suitable for blending modification and various extrusion molding, including plastic wood mixing processing

Dusseldorf, Germany, 2010, and the glass is transparent and colorless. October 27, 2010: Maguire products, Inc., which is very easy to loosen after the experiment, announced at the 2010 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (2010 German K exhibition) that the company launched a new innovative maxibatch gravity metering mixer

this mixer not only has the advantages of Maguire gravity metering mixer (WSB), but also can accurately and efficiently mix a large number of bulk powders that are difficult to handle, providing a golden opportunity for plastic processors. It has also developed a new production capacity scheme of noble, high-end and gorgeous spray free materials of different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging customization

this new maxibatch 2400 WSB has a rated capacity of 2725 kg (6000 pounds) per hour, which is only half the capacity of maxibatch 3000, but 17% higher than the largest standard Maguire mixer (i.e. WSB 1800). In addition, according to Frank Kavanagh, the sales manager, this small maxibatch device also has many functions, which makes the maxibatch mixer different from the standard model

maxibatch wsb-2400

maxibatch mixer not only has larger capacity than the standard mixer, but also can handle raw materials in more states, such as regular granular materials and recycled materials, bulk powder, crumb materials, wood flour and other raw materials that are easy to cause bridging phenomenon. This mixer can be equipped with up to twelve detachable batching hoppers for processing twelve kinds of raw materials. Various hoppers are equipped with different distribution valves, and each valve is designed to accurately mix specific types of raw materials into the weighing room. As many technicians, constructors and supervisors of polyurea projects lack formal polyurea technical training, the quasi Maguire mixer is the same. After all raw materials are added to the weighing room, this batch of materials will fall into the mixing room. A microprocessor is used to adjust different batches, including adjusting and compensating the difference of extrusion rate or bulk density, so as to maintain the accuracy of the whole batch within +/- 0.1%

the special distribution valve in the removable batching bucket includes: 1) a large flow angle valve for granular material or recycled material; 2) A small flow slide valve for granular materials, recycled materials and some long glass fiber reinforced materials; 3) A wood flour/powder feeder with an inner bridge circuit breaker; 4) A 50 mm (2 inch) feeder for granular additives; 5) A small capacity powder feeder. According to Kavanagh, the batch formula can be easily changed because the batching bucket can be interchanged

kavanagh said: "The operating cost of raw materials usually increases with the increase of production capacity, and their possibility of using bulk powder or other raw materials that are difficult to measure will also increase. The standard Maguire mixer has long been able to enable other processors to control the raw material consumption and batch consistency with ultra precision. Now the maxibatch system can enable companies with the largest processing capacity to do the same."

meguire Products Co., Ltd., headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, is the world's largest supplier of gravity metering mixers and liquid pigment pumps. In addition, it also manufactures feeding systems, dryers, screw feeders, and related equipment and software. The company's customers include injection molding, blow molding, transfer molding, extrusion processing, mixing manufacturers, etc. Meguire was founded in 1977 and has six manufacturing plants in Aston. The company has an agent sales network in the Americas and other regions, and has three sales and after-sales service subsidiaries, which are responsible for the procurement, sales and after-sales service of auxiliary equipment systems produced by makir and its Novatec, Inc. Makir Canada, makir Europe and makir Asia. Company website:

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