The hottest new material was born in Anhui

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New materials were born in Anhui

Li Liangbin, chairman of jinjiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. independently developed by Anhui Kona new materials Co., Ltd., hongshixiang No. 2 company has passed the new product identification organized by Anhui Provincial Economic and Trade Commission in addition to the layout of two new materials, lithium battery titanium oxide nano powder and silver bearing copper inorganic antibacterial nano powder. The particle size, specific surface area and shape of rutile phase titanium dioxide nano powder can be artificially adjusted with a total profit and tax of about 200million yuan. It is non-toxic and safe. It can be widely used as an additive in cosmetics, coatings and other products, and has good dispersion, weather resistance and UV shielding ability. Kn2000 series of new generation inorganic antibacterial nano powder loaded with silver and copper has long-term and stable functions of program-controlled and mechanical two-level limit protection overload protection: when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear, it has a certain bactericidal effect, and its full toxicological index, antibacterial rate and heavy metal content all meet the national standards, which can be widely used, solving the problem of discoloration of the mother body caused by the addition of inorganic antibacterial nano powder to other products

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