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Blum Novotest GmbH, a new measurement product of Blum, was founded in 1968. As the "technical support office" in the machine tool industry, Blum pursues machine tool manufacturing with electromechanical integration and more convenient use. Through the development, production and sales of on-board measuring devices, measuring instruments for machine tools, test equipment, etc., which are indispensable in the quality management and engineering management of the production site, the company's products are active in the production sites all over the world

blum Novotest products include measuring machines, gear test benches and laser systems for tool installation and damage detection

a new generation of laser system for tool monitoring on machine

in the initial stage of laser measurement technology, the coolant and chips blocking the signal are the main obstacles to optical measurement in the processing area. If the coolant drops too much, the measurement time will be extended. The measurement method adopted by Blum is to let the tool temporarily enter the position that blocks the laser and measure by "moving away from the laser". Thus, the interference of coolant can be eliminated, and faster and more reliable tool adjustment can be achieved. In addition, the trigger signal is managed by the microprocessor in the system. Its advantage is that even in the area of high-speed rotation, it can realize the single tool monitoring to check the cutting edge defects

new probe system for integrated machining center

the newly developed omni-directional probe tc50 adopts a new wear-free optical measurement system. Satisfactory measurement results can be obtained in any direction of 360 degrees. The non-contact trigger principle of blocking the internal light by pressing the stylus has proved its accuracy through various applications of Blum for a long time. It can realize the high-speed measurement of 260 color building materials more than traditional models, and with its durable design, excellent battery life and reliability, it is most suitable for the repeatability accuracy L μ It is used by machining centers that recognize the position and shape of workpieces under the state of M. That is, one inspection rod should be processed to make the measurement speed of 5m/min, which can also achieve 1 μ Repeatability accuracy below M. The durability with the maximum acceleration of 5g makes it possible to touch more than 100000 times, and it can communicate with the infrared receiver ic55

aperture measuring device most suitable for integrated machining centers and mass production lines

optical aperture measuring system bg40 is the aperture measuring device most suitable for integrated machining centers and mass production lines. Like the wireless bg40 and other tools that can communicate with NC line infrared data, the measuring head stored in the tool holder supports workpiece diameters from 3mm to 200mm in diameter. The optical measurement system without internal wear can achieve repeatability accuracy of L μ High precision measurement of M. It is designed for mass production of engine cylinder block, compressor housing, bearing journal and parts with the same diameter, and the maximum measurement range is ± 200 μ m。 As an important element of engineering management and quality management, it is not only unmanned (3) Jinan assaying operation mode: computer interface operation can be missing, and it does not need high price late measurement points, and it can prevent high price reprocessing and the production of bad crystals. The newly developed interface if46 also needs to pay close attention to the changes and impacts of national policies from environmental protection and other aspects, so as to realize the two-way communication between NC and aperture meter. At the same time, it also has the functions of correcting value transmission and providing SPC data. (end)

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