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New members join: Beijing Zhongmai Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongmai communication, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xunzhong Co., Ltd. (832646). Enterprise multi-party call and video conference solutions, and SaaS service providers managed by industry outbound call centers

business direction:

multimedia call center (marketing, customer service, hybrid)

Conference (meeting, video conference recording data)

intelligent voice (intelligent robot, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent voice quality inspection)

telecom value-added services (voice, traffic, SMS)

advantages of the company:

technical support for the communication platform of the State Key Laboratory of Beijing post

for 9 years, it has focused on the telecommunications value-added software service industry

the number of customers has reached more than 50000, serving many large and medium-sized enterprises

resource advantages:

in-depth cooperation with three basic operators

has national number landing resources

solution advantages:

cloud solutions, supporting public cloud, private cloud A variety of hybrid cloud solutions choose

standard flexible third-party interfaces to achieve seamless connection with enterprise business

tariff advantages:

a variety of packages are available for enterprises to choose flexibly, greatly reducing enterprise operating costs

register and enjoy a variety of discounts

Xun Zhongsheng is the first professional service provider in China to screw down the screws. The author proposed the concept of cloud communication, An open platform for enterprises to provide comprehensive integrated communication services. Based on the Internet SIP communication protocol, this loop includes four parts: hydraulic source, clamping piston cylinder actuator, conversion solenoid valve, and signal control part is 1 The warranty period of all products sold by our factory is 2 years. Mobile Internet app provides three one-stop multimedia communication services - including voice call, data flow distribution, voice notification, SMS verification, multi-party and video call and other communication methods. The company's current products and services: cloud communication open platform (PAAS), cloud call center (SaaS)

the three main businesses create a communication ecosystem:

Xunzhong solves all communication resources, lines, storage and servers for customers in IAAs

at the PAAS level, Centro will make the voice calls, apps and webchat of the contact center in the form of html5/api/sdk, and integrate the capabilities into the business system of large and medium-sized enterprises

at the SaaS level, focus packs and combines capabilities to form the final product, providing standardized product services for small and medium-sized enterprise customers, including call management, customer relationship management, agent management, report management, business management, etc

Xunzhong shares was established in 2008 and listed on the new third board in 2015. Its stock code is 832646. At present, it has completed two rounds of fixed growth, and has received nearly 100 million yuan of investment from Unicom venture capital, Tianxing capital, Huagai capital, Dingfeng capital and other institutions

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