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The United States has developed a new material similar to glass

according to the American Metal Magazine (Jo weighs only one and a half of its mate's pieces), a research team composed of scientists from the United States and Russia has developed a new material similar to glass with a variety of uses (including for the production of batteries). Dynalec, a technology company in Ohio, USA, holds the patent right for this new material. The company named this new material dynaglass. Dynalake technologies said the new material was thin and flexible, and its ability to withstand pressure exceeded that of steel

the article reports that as a professional manufacturer in the field of material testing in China, dynalay Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is currently using this new material to develop batteries of various uses and specifications - glass batteries. It is reported that the battery made of this kind of material has a large ability to store electric energy. During the anti Congress, the number of recharges is unlimited, light weight, less maintenance, no pollution to the environment, and low production cost. Roybaldwin, chairman and CEO of dynalake, said that with this new battery, people can get rid of the troubles caused by various negative characteristics such as sulfuric acid and lead in traditional batteries

other uses of this new material are to manufacture car engine cylinder blocks, which do not need lubrication or cooling; Make containers such as car windshields and drink cans

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