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The high-rise exterior wall tiles fall off, and the residents are worried about the aerial bomb

the high-rise exterior wall tiles fall off, and the residents are worried about the aerial bomb

June 14, 2013

[China paint information] in the second half of 2010, master song and his wife moved into the changlefang community, which was just completed at that time. At the beginning, the old couple were very satisfied with the environment here. However, since last year, master song and his wife have always been a little worried when walking in the community, "the tiles on the outer walls of several high-rise buildings here have begun to fall off one after another, and they are particularly worried about falling tiles when walking in the yard." Master Song said

yesterday morning, I came to changlefang community. Outside the courtyard of the community, you can see that the exterior wall tiles of several high-rise buildings in the community have been repaired after falling off. The repaired places are obviously different from other large-area walls in color, and there are slight dents

residents of the community told that there are now a total of 7 buildings in changlefang community, of which blocks a, B, C, D and E are 33 floors high-rise buildings, and the situation of serious ceramic tile falling off is also concentrated in these buildings. We can see that the appearance of many fallen buildings has not been repaired in time, revealing the gray cement inside, and some wall tiles have been slightly bulging, which may fall off at any time

"when I passed block D on the morning of the 10th of this month, I heard something falling 'crackling' next to me. I quickly covered my head and ran to the side, ran to the distance and looked up, and found that about two square meters of wall tiles had fallen off block D." Resident master Song said, "in fact, such falling off has often occurred in the past two years, but I haven't heard anything about hitting people, but so many buildings, such a large area of exterior wall bricks, are always hanging, which is also very worrying."

we can see that the roads in changlefang community are relatively narrow, and residents often have to pass downstairs. If there are wall tiles falling off upstairs, it is really dangerous. Zhu Laohan, who plays cards downstairs in block a, said, "we try to choose a place away from the wall when playing cards, just in case, but the children always tell us that we'd better not play cards in the yard. Those who have children at home dare not let them play in the yard."

in several high-rise buildings in the community, the prompt "do not approach if the face bricks fall off" is pasted, and there are also many hanging baskets hung from the upper floors for workers to construct. "During this time, we are arranging workers to systematically inspect the walls and try to eliminate potential safety hazards, but if the overall replacement of tiles is really expensive, we can't afford it." A staff member of the community property said, "even so, we have spent more than 100000 yuan, and now we can only make up for problems."

it is forbidden to use ceramic tiles on more than three floors of the external wall

Article 40 of the regulations on the quality management of construction projects issued by the State Council stipulates that under normal conditions of use, the minimum warranty period of the external wall tiles is two years. If the internal and external wall tiles fall off in two years, it is a project quality problem, and the construction unit shall repair it. If the fall off occurs after the warranty period, the building property right unit or property management department shall repair the fallen part

however, the actual investigation found that most of the exterior wall tile falling off sites occurred two years after the building was completed, and for the property management company, there is no economic ability to thoroughly repair the large-scale exterior wall tile falling off

according to Xi'an Construction Committee, it is relatively beautiful to stick wall tiles on the outer wall of buildings, and it is easy to clean. However, since the wall tiles are easy to fall off, from September 1, 2011, the Municipal Construction Committee has prohibited the design and use of porcelain tiles for external wall finishes for all kinds of new, reconstructed and expanded civil construction projects, except buildings below 3 floors or podiums

it is best to transform the lower part of the brick wall into a flower bed

a professional who has been engaged in construction for many years told that there are many reasons for the falling off of the outer wall tiles. One is that the natural factors fall off, and the temperature changes violently. Coupled with the long-term wind and sun exposure, it is easy to cause the tiles to age and crack. After water immersion, the tiles are easy to crack and fall off over time. In addition, in the construction process, the improper mix proportion of concrete and improper construction of workers are also the reasons for the falling off of ceramic tiles

in changlefang community, I asked several old workers who were working about how to avoid ceramic tiles falling off and injuring people and cars, and asked them to give advice. A master surnamed Ma said: "under the condition that the falling off of outer wall bricks cannot be completely solved, we can consider building some flower beds under these buildings to avoid pedestrians from approaching. It is really not a good choice to install protection."

wall tiles fall off in many high-rise buildings in the city

recently, we investigated many high-rise buildings in the city and found that wall tiles fall off in many high-rise buildings with wall tiles on the surface. For most of the property management departments in the community, they can only make up for one

in a high-rise community in hongmiaopo, we can see that the outer wall bricks on the top floor have fallen off more than ten square meters. Adopting this system to transform the building is more cost-effective than the traditional method. According to the residents here, the completion of this high-rise building is less than a year. "The external walls of this building are all pasted with wall tiles, and now they have fallen off. 7. Fixtures: adopt the clamp type fixture for a large area, and after living for a long time, they must all fall off." Ms. Ma, who lives here, said anxiously, "it's like a 'bomb' hanging over her head."

beside a sidewalk on the south side of the South Gate of the South courtyard, there is a safety warning with the words "do not park if the tiles fall off". The administrator of the nearby parking lot said that this sidewalk used to be a roadside parking lot, but later a car stopped here and was damaged by the tiles falling from the upstairs. He lost a lot of money and dared not let people park here again

the property management department of Xi'an International Trade Center has a more "thorough" way to deal with the falling off of the wall tiles on the surface of the building. They directly installed a piece of black fall protection downstairs. They saw that there were many external wall tiles falling from the upstairs in the protection. "It is said that the falling wall tiles here have smashed the car before. Now it is much safer to install it, and the sense of security to walk under it has also increased." A staff member working in the building said. High level talents occupy less enterprise training resources

the survey found that in recent years, more and more high-rise buildings have pasted wall tiles on the outer walls. Facing the adverse effects of falling off wall tiles on infants and children, the Property Department of most communities did not have the funds to carry out a thorough overhaul, "We also thought about the way to completely solve the problem, that is, to shovel off all the tiles of the high-rise exterior walls and replace them with paint. However, the cost is too high. A building costs at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the property management company can't afford it, so it can only make up for one broken piece." Xihejia village, a community property staff said that wall tiles fell off

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