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On December 14, Shanghai futures exchange ranked the total positions of all natural rubber contracts

today's total trading volume of all contracts: 120876, increase or decrease: -41032; Total position: 51420, increase or decrease: 774

ranking seat number seat name multi position increase and decrease net multi position seat number seat name short position increase and decrease net long position

1103 Zhejiang Yongan Shanghai Tonglian

2128 Zhejiang Xinhua Beijing medium term

377 Zhejiang Tiandi international futures is worth choosing The above information is for reference only 02579

414 Jiangsu suwu Dahua futures

51115 Jinyuan futures Zhejiang Dadi

6900 international futures Jinyuan futures

7177 Zhejiang Dadi Sinochem International 656 656

8240 Guangfa futures Huawen futures 590 590

9125 Zhejiang Zhongda Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation January 5

10333 Zhongtian futures Shanghai Jinpeng

11253 Great Wall greatness Gold Coast

12182 Dongtian futures silver futures Jiangsu suwu

13134 Zhejiang Dayue River South Wanda

141119 Tianyi futures xinguolian

15178 Jiangsu Hongye Great Wall Great Wall great cause

1625 Shanghai Jinyuan Chengdu Beite

1734 Beijing medium term Luneng Jinsui

1849 Jinrui futures construction futures

19298 Shanghai JiuHeng Dongyin futures

20310 Shenhua futures Jiangsu Wenfeng

21245 Gold Coast 82 -408125 Zhejiang Zhongda

2219 Zhejiang Jinfeng up to 818165 Shanghai Minmetals 81 81

23262 Luneng Jinsui Jingyi futures 35535

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24600 and financial futures 4040107 Zhejiang new century 20 20

253 Shanghai Liangmao 25240 Guangfa futures 5 -571

267 JianZheng futures 10 -23768 Kexin futures 5 5

27500 Hunan Taiyang 9931 AVIC futures 5 5

28106 Dahua futures Anhui Anxing 3

29 #n/a0#n/a#n/a320 Hunan Dahua futures.There are 2 2

30 n/a0 n/a n/a121 Green Futures 2 2

31 #n/a0#n/a#n/a42 Shanghai Nandu 2 2

32 #n/a0#n/a #n/a0#n/a #n/a #n/a #n/a

33n/a n/a when NASA pushed human technology deep into space

34 n/a0 n/a n/a0 n/a n/a n/a n/a

35 n/a0 n/a n/a0 n n/a n/a

36 n/a0 n/a n/a n/a0 n/a n/a


38 n/a0 n/a n/a n/a0 n/a n/a n/a

39 n/a0n/an/a n/a0n/an/a n/a

401124 Galaxy futures 0 n/a0n/a n/a

Top 10

Top 20

Top 40 11929 n/an/a8459 13959 n/a n/a10417

seat number long into the list original warehouse current warehouse increased position seat number short into the list original warehouse current warehouse increased position

134 Zhejiang Dayue Great Wall Weiye

25 Shanghai Jinyuan Chengdu Beite

298 Shanghai JiuHeng JianZheng futures

n/an/a270 Jiangsu Wenfeng


#n/a #n/a

#n/a #n/a

#n/a #n/a

position number long return to the list original position current position reduction position number short return to the list original position current position reduction

7 JianZheng futures Zhejiang Yongan

8 Shanghai medium term Shanghai Minmetals

121 green futures Jingyi futures

125 Zhejiang Zhongda

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