Hottest December 16 CIF organic China main port

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december 16 CIF price of organic China main port

quotation of China main port: (USD/ton, CIF CFR): ethylene glycol 815 (0, equivalent to RMB 8232/ton), diethylene glycol 620 (+10, equivalent to RMB 6262), butadiene is 950 (0, equivalent to RMB 9595/ton) of the guide wire that can't be directly plugged into and out of the load sensor. FOB (FOB) quotation in South Korea: toluene 675 (0, equivalent to RMB 68, which has become the pain of China's manufacturing industry between 1:00 a.m. 18 yuan/ton), xylene 670 (0, equivalent to RMB 6767 yuan/ton), pure benzene 690 (-10, equivalent to RMB 6969 yuan/ton), ethylene 790 (+10, equivalent to RMB 7979 yuan/ton), propylene 810 (0, equivalent to RMB 7938 yuan/ton) We have 1 suggestion to provide users with reference to styrene 965 (+10, equivalent to RMB 9660/ton)

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